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Review: FINESCE Final Conference "Utility 4.0"

On the 15th and 16th of September 2015 the FINESCE Final Conference took place. Under the heading “Utility 4.0” around 100 representatives from the energy and the ICT industry, from the research and the public sector met at the EIT Digital Node Berlin to discuss about how Future Internet components enable the Smart Energy system of tomorrow.

After welcomes by FINESCE project officer Fiona Williams, Ericsson, and by Udo Bub, head of the EIT Digital Berlin Node, Ragnar Bergstrom and Ilkka Lakaniemi from DG Connect presented their vision of how FIWARE will develop after the end of FI-PPP and how FIWARE is already becoming a globally used software platform.
The topic of the event was then introduced by the presentation on the EIT Smart Energy Action Line by Heiko Lehmann, EIT Digital, and by the FINESCE technical manager Antonello Monti, RWTH Aachen. He showed how the growing share of renewable energy and the increasing incorporation of ever smarter components into the energy system enabled by ICT technologies challenge the model of how utilities work today.
The result is that new players are entering the energy systems and markets as well as that utilities have to embark on new roads regarding the services and products they offer as well as the services and components they resort to for offering their products and services.

Presentations by Fiona Williams (Project coordinator), Ragnar Bergstrom (DG Connect), Ilkka Lakaniemi (FI-PPP), Antonello Monti (Technical Manager) (Left to right)

Another important development affecting the future development of the energy system was added by Ludwig Karg, head of B.A.U.M. Consult, who pointed out that it will be of crucial importance to include people in their different roles of consumers, customers and citizens. Fiona Williams explained how FIWARE allows utilities as well as other companies from the energy and ICT sector to meet all these challenges in a low-cost, fast and easily scalable way by offering an open-source, royalty-free standard software components, which was shown in the FINESCE project.

Discussions with the audience at the FINESCE Final Event
The second part of the first day consequently dealt with new utility services facilitated by ICT and ICT platforms. The FINESCE trial sites presented how they used FIWARE to develop, test and implement smart energy applications in order to offer new services. György Dan from the KTH in Stockholm added the security perspective when offering such services through ICT.
The evening event focussed on gaming and gamification as one means to involve consumers and customers. Walter Kriha, HdM Stuttgart, demonstrated the challenges when developing (serious) games ranging from security issues to scalability and the "uncanny valley” problem. Afterwards the serious games developed in FINESCE were presented and participants could take part in a tournament of one of these games, Energy Town.

The Networking session
Walter Kriha (HdM Stuttgart) presenting at the evening event
The second day concentrated on the topic of (ICT) platforms as enablers for new utility services and the role of platforms in the future energy system. After a presentation of the work of the Decentralized Microgrid Innovation Center by Thomas Vögele, DFKI, Antonello Monti presented the FINESCE Smart Energy Platform (SEP) as one outcome of the project that will be developed further and his vision that the FINESCE SEP will serve as a tool for developing, testing and implementing smart energy applications being compatible with other software solutions and thus applicable in various contexts.
Afterwards, other examples of platforms as business enablers within the energy sector were showcased: Albana Ilo, TU Wien, presented ZUQDE, Frank Robert, GreenCom Networks, introduced BEEGY, Torsten Birn showed how Omnetric works by using a platform, David Nestle, Fraunhofer IWES, presented OGEMA, and Oliver Roos explained the approach of Intel. Under the moderation of Ludwig Karg, the different approaches of these platform providers were discussed with the experts Hartmut Schmeck, KIT, and Walter Kriha.
Aspects addressed within the discussion concerned platform architecture, availability, trustworthiness and resilience, data management, privacy and security, ICT and Control, and market platforms.  

Impressions from the platform panel with Walter Kriha (HdM Stuttgart), Hartmut Schmeck (KIT), Ludwig Karg (B.A.U.M. Consult), Antonello Monti (RWTH Aachen), Oliver Roos (Intel), Frank Robert (GreenCom Networks), David Nestle (Fraunhofer IWES), Robert Birn (Omnetric), and Albana Ilo (TU Wien)
To get more impressions and opinions, please visit the video blog that was produced during the event. Below you can find the agenda as well as the presentations held at the event.
For more information on how you can use FIWARE and the FINESCE Smart Energy Platform for your Smart Energy Applications, please have a look at the FINESCE Brochure.

   From FIWARE to H2020 and beyond! Ragnar Bergstrom / DG Connect
   Introduction: "Utility 4.0" Antonello Monti / RWTH Aachen
   Smart consumers, smart customers, smart citizens: New services enabled by ICT Ludwig Karg / B.A.U.M. Consult
   Overview over FINESCE Results Fiona Williams / Ericsson
   Smart City Hyllie in Malmo David Lillienberg / E.ON
   Prosumer interaction in Horsens Christina Jorgensen, Thomas Hune / Insero
   Smart Office Buildings in Madrid Jose Luis Buron / Acciona
   Cross border VPP in Aachen Adelheid Weinert / QSC
   Smart Factory in Aachen Marco Roscher / FIR
   Security Monitoring of critical infrastructures György Dan / KTH Stockholm
   eCar integration in Ireland John Howard / ESB
   Software Defined Utility in Ireland Ramon Martin de Pozuelo / laSalle
   eMarket in Terni Pasquale Andriani / ENGINEERING
   Games and Gamification in Compuer Science? A few personal experiences Walter Kriha / HdM Stuttgart
   Augmented reality and 3D game: FINESCE Boris Pokric / DunavNet
   Game: Energy Town Pedro Fernandes / Yucca
   Decentralized Microgrid Innovation Center Thomas Vögele / DFKI
   The FINESCE Smart Energy Platform built on FIWARE - going beyond the end of the project Antonello Monti / RWTH Aachen
   My experience with FIWARE - a student's perspective Mona Scholl, Felix Holzäpfel-Stein / SOPTIM
   The embedment of ZUGDE-project into the holistic approach Albana Ilo / ZUQDE, TU Wien
  Enabling energy management as a service Frank Robert / BEEGY; GreenCom Networks
   Utility and big data - an area of conflicts? Torsten Birn / Omnetric
   Open Gateway Energy Management (OGEMA) David Nestle / OGEMA, Fraunhofer IWES
   The digital energy system of the future Oliver Roos / Intel